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DSN Network


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Detention Services Network encompasses new ways to -
  • search for non-federal bed space availability;
  • contract a facility;
  • update a facility's listing;
  • navigate new detention services.
  • Go to DSNetwork by clicking the DSNetwork menu item above.

    Prisoner Operations Division
    Please enter your email address. You will also need to enter a keyword to apply for an account. The keyword should have been provided to you by your sponsor.
    Note: Commercial email accounts (i.e. hotmail, gmail etc.) will not be permitted. For security reasons, only those DSNet accounts with valid corporate, state, county or .gov email addresses will be approved. County jails with Federal prisoners may request a .gov email account at Law Enforcement On-line at Once your account has been approved, this email address can be utilized to request a DSNet account.
    If you do not have a keyword, please contact the DSNet Service Desk at 877-633-8457.
    Email Address: